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YUI Stalker CommunityThis is the YUI Stalker Community, a livejournal community dedicated for JPOP Singer Songwriter, YUI. The community is the only active LJ community entirely dedicated to YUI and her activities. Turned TWO last April 6, 2010.

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YUI's Profile

Auditioned at SONY in March and got the highest score for three songs.

Debuted at February 2005 with a primetime drama theme song, "feel my soul", and was part of the creative direction of the music of the said drama.

Debuted as an actress in タイヨウのうた ("A Song to the sun"), where she played as 雨音薫 (Amane Kaoru), a girl with an ailment (XP).

Held her First Major Concert in Nippon Budokan, November 19, 2007.

Released her first B-Side BEST Album and the first female artist to topped the charts after almost 25 years, titled "MY SHORT STORIES".

First time to write for an artist/band. Wrote "I do it" the latest single from ステレオポニー.

Came from a short hiatus but officially came back with a new song as the Opening Theme of the new FullMetal Alchemist Series.

In promotion of It's all too much/Never say die (a song tied-up with Kaiji The Movie), YUI cut her hair short - just above her shoulder, the shortest she ever had in her entire career.

For "to Mother" single, YUI released a song entirely played using the piano.

In her latest album, HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN, it will YUI's first time to smile on her CD Jacket cover.

[2004.12.24] It's happy line
[2005.02.23] feel my soul
[2005.06.22] Tomorrow's way
[2005.11.09] LIFE
[2006.01.18] TOKYO
[2006.06.14] Good-bye days (for 雨音 薫)
[2006.09.20] I remember you
[2007.01.17] Rolling star
[2007.03.07] CHE.R.RY
[2007.06.13] My Generation/Understand
[2007.09.26] LOVE & TRUTH
[2008.02.27] Namidairo
[2008.07.02] SUMMER SONG
[2009.06.03] again
[2009.10.07] It's all too much / Never say die
[2010.01.20] GLORIA
[2010.06.02] to Mother
[2011.01.26] It's My Life / Your Heaven

[2006.02.22] FROM ME TO YOU
[2007.04.04] CAN'T BUY MY LOVE
[2008.04.09] I LOVED YESTERDAY
[2008.11.12] MY SHORT STORIES
[2010.07.14] HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN

[2007.11.14] Thank you My teens


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